February 19th – March 18th, 2016

Author: Davina Linguist, Infosys Diversity Recruiting Practice Lead

International Women’s Day Celebrations – Americas Region 

“Step it Up for Balanced Leadership” was the theme of the International Women’s Day events across the world at Infosys. Infosys Diversity & Inclusion, Talent Acquisition and Infosys Women’s Inclusivity Networks (IWIN) partnered with NCWIT to launch the “Sit With Me” campaign.

In the Americas Region, men and women engaged in dialogue discussions around this topic, including many of our senior leaders and clients. “Sit with Me” is a campaign promoted by the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT), a nonprofit organization community of more than 600 universities, companies, non-profits, and government organizations nationwide working to increase women’s participation in computing and technology. The Sit with Me campaign (www.sitwithme.org) invites you to validate and recognize the important role women play in creating future technology by taking a small but symbolic action: sit in a red chair and share your story. Pull up a chair and listen to stories from others; men, women, technical and non-technical, as they sit in the red chair.

Atlanta, GA – March 8 

The BPO Atlanta office engaged in a dialogue session with over 40 employees participating in the discussion. Topics ranged from effectiveness of balanced leadership as well as how women add diversity of thought and innovation to teams.

Gordon Beckham, President & CEO, Infosys McCamish and Lisa Johnson, Portfolio Head, captivated the audience in their discussion. Dr. Archana Arcot, HR Business Leader – Americas, opened the event with her insights on the value and direction that women in leadership positions can potentially add to any organization.

Lisa shared her experiences from her journey to leadership that spanned over her 22 years with the company. Gordon and Lisa engaged with the audience encouraging them to share their views. This was very well received, and both men and women in the room were encouraged by Lisa’s story and women were inspired that they could reach their fullest potential. This lively discussion was followed by refreshments, networking and more dialogue.

Basking Ridge, NJ – Feb 19 and March 8 

International Women’s Day was celebrated in Metro NY in February and March. The first celebration was hosted by the Consulting team on their monthly third Friday meeting, which included lunch, discussion about women in Consulting and opportunities for advancement. Approximately 25 consultants from Basking Ridge, NJ office gathered for lunch and a “Sit With Me” Photo Shoot. This included Consulting partners Kamal Biswas, Senthil Kumar, Muthukumar Krishnan. The event was made possible by thoughtful planning done by Rishita Patlolla, Stefanie Cutillo and Anu Ganguly.

The second celebration was hosted in the Basking Ridge office on March 8th with Priya Bajoria, Client Partner & Geo Cluster Head, NY and Manish Tandon, Executive VP and Head of Healthcare, Insurance & Life Sciences. The event also included a contest to submit ideas on “How to Increase Infosys Women in Leadership Roles”.

The main dialogue was focused around how to be more successful at the work place, ways to learn and grow from one another and seeking out feedback on a regular basis. Priya also shared her personal journey at Infosys, starting in India, then moving to the United States. She also shared her challenges of being a women executive in the CSG organization and how she overcomes obstacles and barriers. Manish shared his perspective on how as a society and as an organization we are working relentlessly to build the company we need to be for the next generation of Infosys.

Belo Horizonte, Brazil – March 8 

In Brazil, Infosy held a Sit With Me dialogue session and the Mary Kay Company attended as part of the “Beauty Day” cosmetic session.

Speakers highlighted the importance of self-confidence and self-evaluation to determine success of women. In Brazil, for Job Level 4 and above, women represent 72% of the team.

Overall, women in Brazil feel recognized, respected, supported and they do not feel any treatment differences with men. They have space to talk, to share ideas, to look for opportunities, to grow and to succeed in their careers.

The Brazil HR team sent out positive messages during the day for all employees via email on the importance of woman in the world and in the company.

Milwaukee, WI – March 15 

The Milwaukee team celebrated International Women’s Day with its client Harley Davidson and was fortunate to have Cindy Laatsch from Harley Davidson as a guest speaker. Cindy presented a presentation on the history of Women in Technology, and shared how her love for her family and motorcycles brought her into the Harley family 18 years ago, and since then she has never looked back.

Nothing says togetherness and fosters employee engagement the way food does, and so some pizzas, fries and cakes were served to enhance celebrations and promote camaraderie.

Palo Alto, California – March 15 

More than 60 Bay Area Infoscions joined a lively discussion on the opportunities and challenges to increase participation by women (and underrepresented minorities) in technology at the Palo Alto Infosys Office.

The conversation, moderated by Kaustav Mitra, was kicked off by special guests Dr. Freada Kapor Klein (Kapor Center for Social Impact) and Vandana Sikka (Infosys Foundation USA), both entrepreneurs and passionate advocates for increasing diversity in technology.

Plano, TX – March 8 and March 18 

Plano kicked off the event with a photo session and a luncheon sponsored by the U.S. HRD and Talent Acquisition Teams. Davina Linguist, Diversity Recruitment Lead, talked about Infosys’ partnership with NCWIT. This event was followed by a live webinar session with our guest speaker Brad McLain. Brad spoke about capitalizing on the power of gender diversity and how it can yield a large and more competitive advantage. He also discussed how men should be advocates for women’s diversity in the technology industry. He spoke about unconscious bias and how companies need to educate leaders on this important topic.

The next event was held on March 18 and about 40 employees participated in a live dialogue session with Dinesh Bajaj, SVP, Head of RCL Americas and Aditi Banerjee, Senior Practice Engagement Manager, Engineering Services. The session was moderated by Sandra Jackson, EEO/Compliance Manager, HRD.

Balanced leadership and retaining women across job levels, mentoring women to achieve promotional roles as well as work life balance were main topics of discussion. Anurag Sinha, VP, Head of CS Americas shared best practices in his unit to ensure talented women were recognized and given an opportunity to join sales teams and have direct impact on the CSG business.